Thank you for your generousity:-)                                  



150 gift for one or 150 GIFT FOR both 



727-452-4292    10 am -10pm 9pm being the last



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#1  vacation package is $100 gift  a day includes :  breakfast   Access to bikes,  clean home.  golf course close,  beach close ,  internet access.  50 gift more a day for a couple ts/ts cd/cd male /male girl/girl male/girl         etc.



                                #2 Vacation all of the above  and you get us to play with;-) and take us out to dinner if you would like,,,, etc.:-) $250 a day gift.  includes 1 session  wih us both , We do try to mix it up with other activities. and some

other folks if approved.  


Hope to see you this winter  huggs

                          Malinda and Holly



 Dates not available as of febuary 26   28th 29th   


$50  deposit to reserve.  
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                             "We want to thank you all for your generousity"


                 727-452 4292 9am 9pm

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